Why Use Natural Cleaning Products?

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Keeping your house or office cleaning is part of the daily routine. Obviously we need to keep things free of grime and dirt that can be bad for our health. The problem is, often we don't know what is in the cleaning products we use.

Most commonly available cleaning products are basically made up of chemicals. Unfortunately these chemicals can bring about numerous ill effects to both human health and also to the environment.

Conventional cleaning products are toxic substances, and recent research has indicated that toxic chemicals are responsible for incresed cases of asthma, autism, childhood cancer, leukaemia, and reduced sperm count.

An alternative to these chemical based cleaning products are "green", natural and botanic based products, Such as those supplied by Aussie Green Klean.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products help create a healthier home or office, they also reduce the pollutants released into the environment.

Standard cleaning products can contain many dangerous ingredients such as organic solvents and petroleum-based chemicals. These can release volatile organic compounds (VOC's), which can make the air in your surroundings toxic. Unfortunately these contaminants can also persist long after you've finished using the products.

Major manufacturers of commercially available cleaning products don't have to disclose their ingredients unless they contain a poison. This does not cover toxicity or inert hazardous ingredients. In fact some ingredients in household cleaners are known to cause cancer in animals and possibly in humans also.

Some common chemicals found in household products include Acids, Ammonia, Chlorine bleach, Phosphates, Petroleum distillates, Phenol & Cresol, Nitrobenzene, Formaldehyde & Paradichlorbenzene.

Aussie Green Klean products contain none of the chemicals listed above!